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  • code39 barcode

    Code39 Barcode Fonts

    Code39, also known as 3 of 9 code, USD-3 and LOGMARS, is a widely used bar code symbology defined in ISO/IEC 16388:2007 standard.

  • code128 barcode

    Code128 and GS1128 Barcode Fonts

    Code 128, described in ISO/IEC 15417, is good at encoding alpha-numeric data and numeric-only data. Code128 has three subsets: code128A, code128B and code128C.

  • UPC-A ean13 barcode

    UPC-A EAN13 Barcode Fonts

    UPC-A barcode ( plus UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN and Bookland), is everywhere today. EAN13 barcode encodes 12 digits of numeric data and a check digit. What EAN13 encodes is also called GTIN13. UPCA barcode encodes 11 digits of numeric data plus a check digit.

  • MICR E-13B Font

    MICR E-13B Font

    MICR is an acronym for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, familiar to us from its use in banking industry. The American Bankers Association began using MICR E-13B font and MICR system as the technology for automatic check processing since 1958.

    MICR E-13B Font
  • OCRA OCRB Font

    OCRA OCRB Font

    ANSI INCITS 17-1981 (R2000), formerly known as ANSI X3.17-1981 (R2000), specifies the shapes and dimensions of OCRA characters. Barcodesoft OCR-A font is also compatible with ISO 1073-1:1976 standard. ANSI X3.49-1975 (R1982) describes the nominal shapes, sizes, and printing positions of OCR-B characters. Most part of OCRB is identical to what is defined by ECMA-11. Barcodesoft OCR-B font is also compatible with ISO 1073-2:1976 standard.

    OCRA OCRB Font
  • CMC7 Font

    CMC-7 Font

    CMC-7 font character sets are widely used in automatic check-processing of banking industry throughout Europe, South America and Asia. CMC-7 font characters need to be printed with magnetic ink for the purpose of automatic character recognition.

    CMC-7 Font
  • QRCode Encoder

    QRCode Encoder

    QR Code is also known as Quick Response Code. QR Code is a 2D matrix barcode symbology. QRCode Matrix size ranges between 21 X 21 modules and 177 x 177 modules. Each module is either black or white.

  • PDF417 barcode

    PDF417 Barcode

    PDF 417, a multi-row 2-D barcode symbology, has a unique physical structure and large data capacity.

    PDF417 empowers you to encode more than 1000 alpha-numeric characters within one symbol. PDF417 is able to encode ASCII and Extended ASCII characters.

  • Data Matrix Barcode

    Data Matrix Barcode

    Data Matrix barcode is a well-designed symbology that is able to encode both 128 ASCII characters (ANSI X3.4) and values 128 to 255 characters, known as extended ASCII (ISO 8859-1).

    Data Matrix barcode is able to encode up to 1000 alpha-numeric characters. Therefore, Data Matrix is a good solution for encoding large quantities of data in one data matrix barcode symbol.

    Data Matrix
  • Aztec Code Barcode

    Aztec Code

    Aztec Bar Code is defined by ISO/IEC 24778:2008 standard.

    Its unique centered finder pattern and module placement algorithm makes Aztec bar code looks like a maelstrom. Aztec barcode Matrix size ranges between 15 X 15 modules and 151 x 151 modules. Each module is either black or white.

    Aztec Code
  • MaxiCode Barcode


    MaxiCode is a matrix symbology consists of hexagonal modules surrounding 3 concentric rings. A MaxiCode barcode consists of a primary message and a secondary message. Each message has its own data and error correction codewords. After encoding, primary message and secondary message are interleaved together. Every binary code can find its location in the maxicode barcode symbol precisely.

  • Code93 Barcode

    Code93 Barcode

    Code 93 barcode symbology was designed to be an enhancement of code 39. Code93 encodes more characters and has higher data security than Code39. Code 93 is also known as USS-93.

  • Interleaved 2of5 Barcode

    Interleaved 2of5 Barcode

    Interleaved 2 of 5 bar code is one of the most widely used barcode symbology. Interleaved 2 of 5 bar code is developed on top of standard 2 of 5 barcode for higher data capacity.

    Interleaved 2 of 5 encodes numeric-only data and is used primarily in logistics business.

    Interleaved 2 of 5
  • MSI Plessey Barcode

    MSI Plessey Barcode

    MSI symbology, also known as Modified Plessey, was originally designed by MSI Data Corporation upon Plessey Code. MSI barcode is mainly used in inventory business.

    MSI encodes numeric-only data. Start character is mapped to left bracket ('[') and stop character is mapped to right bracket (']').

    MSI Plessey
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode

    Intelligent Mail Barcode

    The Intelligent Mail barcode is also known as USPS OneCode solution or USPS 4-State Customer Barcode (4CB, or USPS4CB).

    The Intelligent Mail barcode is a 4-state barcode that consist of 65 bars. The Intelligent Mail barcode or OneCode combines both ZIP Code and tracking information together and provides benefits to both mailers and postal offices.

    Intelligent Mail
  • Code39 Extended Barcode

    Code39 Extended Barcode

    Code39, also known as 3 of 9 code, USD-3 or LOGMARS, is one of the most widely used bar code symbologies.

    Code 39 accepts only 43 valid input characters: 26 uppercase alphas, 10 digits and hyphen(-), period(.), space, dollar sign($), slash(/), plus(+) and percent (%). Other input will be omitted by code39.

    Code39 Extended
  • GS1-Databar Barcode

    GS1-Databar Barcode

    GS1-Databar is formerly known as Reduced Space Symbology (RSS). It is defined in ISO/IEC 24724:2011 standard. It encodes more information than UPC/EAN family bar code, and it occupies less space than UPC/EAN bar code. Therefore, GS1-Databar can be printed on small items. Additionally, GS1-Databar can bear GS1 Application Identifier (AI) such as Price, Expiry Date, Coupon Code, and Serial Number etc. GS1-Databar accepts numeric-only data.

  • Code11 Barcode

    Code11 Barcode

    Code 11, also known as USD-8, is designed for telecom industry. Code11 barcode encodes numeric data and hyphen. Start and stop characters are mapped to asterisk.

    At least one check digit is required. When string length is longer than 10, two check digits are required. This is to prevent decoding error caused by printing device inaccuracies.

  • Code25 Barcode

    Code25 Barcode

    Code 25 bar code symbology, also known as standard 2 of 5, or industrial 2 of 5, is designed to encode numeric-only data. A modulo 10 check digit is optional.

  • Codabar Barcode

    Codabar Barcode

    Codabar is also known as Codeabar, NW-7, or USD-4. Codabar barcode symbology is widely used in shipping industry, blood bank and libraries. The minimum width of codabar is suggested to be 0.0065 inches (0.165 mm), or 11 digits per inch.

  • Farrington 7B Font

    Farrington 7B Font

    Farrington 7B font is also known as 7B-OCR font. Farrington 7b font is used to print the embossed characters on identification cards and credit cards. Barcodesoft Farrington 7B font consists of numeral characters 0 to 9.

    Farrington 7B Font
  • SEMI OCR Font

    SEMI OCR Font

    Barcodesoft SEMI OCR font package provides a simple solution for laser-marking alphanumeric data on the front surface of wafers and allows automatic Optical Character Reading (OCR).

    SEMI OCR Font
  • Rational Quantum barcode scanner

    Rational Quantum X-18130 barcode scanner

    Rational Quantum X-18130 barcode scanner reads linear and 2D bar codes on smart phone and computer monitor.

    Rational Quantum X-18130 barcode scanner
  • Rational Quantum barcode scanner

    Rational Quantum X-18134 barcode scanner

    Rational Quantum X-18134 barcode scanner reads linear and 2D bar codes printed on invoices, shipping labels and packing list.

    Rational Quantum X-18134 barcode scanner
  • KSA E-Invoice QRCode

    KSA E-Invoice QRCode

    Barcodesoft KSA QR Code Generator automatically support tag, length and value (TLV) format and base64 encoding. QR Codes are compliant with KSA Zakat and Tax Authority of Saudi Arabia Kingdom.

    KSA E-Invoice QRCode
  • Free online barcode reader

    Free online barcode reader

    We read your barcode online for free, including qrcode, GS1128 barcode, data matrix and PDF417.

    Free online barcode reader
  • Free online Optical Character Recognition

    Free online Optical Character Recognition

    Optical character recognition (OCR) is the electronic or mechanical conversion of images of typed, handwritten, or printed text to machine-encoded text.

    Free online Optical Character Recognition
  • Barcode Web Service

    Barcode Web Service

    Webservice is a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network.

    Barcode Web Service