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We are a team of IT professionals headquartered in Toronto, Ontario.
We provide automatic identification solutions to generate bar codes for users.
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  • code39 barcode

    Code39 Barcode Fonts

    Code39, also known as 3 of 9 code, USD-3 and LOGMARS, is a widely used bar code symbology defined in ISO/IEC 16388:2007 standard.

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  • code128 barcode

    Code128 Barcode

    Code 128, described in ISO/IEC 15417, is good at encoding alpha-numeric data and numeric-only data. Code128 has three subsets: code128A, code128B and code128C.

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  • UPC-A barcode

    UPC-A Barcode

    UPC-A barcode ( plus UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, ISBN and Bookland), is everywhere today. EAN13 barcode encodes 12 digits of numeric data and a check digit. What EAN13 encodes is also called GTIN13. UPCA barcode encodes 11 digits of numeric data plus a check digit.

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  • MICR E-13B Font

    MICR E-13B Font

    MICR is an acronym for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition, familiar to us from its use in banking industry. The American Bankers Association began using MICR E-13B font and MICR system as the technology for automatic check processing since 1958.

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  • OCRA Font

    OCRA Font

    ANSI INCITS 17-1981 (R2000), formerly known as ANSI X3.17-1981 (R2000), specifies the shapes and dimensions of OCRA characters. Barcodesoft OCR-A font is also compatible with ISO 1073-1:1976 standard.

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  • QRCode Encoder

    QRCode Encoder

    QR Code is also known as Quick Response Code. QR Code is a 2D matrix barcode symbology. QRCode Matrix size ranges between 21 X 21 modules and 177 x 177 modules. Each module is either black or white.

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