MaxiCode Barcode
ISO/IEC 16023:2000

MaxiCode is a matrix symbology consists of hexagonal modules surrounding 3 concentric rings. Black modules are defined as binary 1, and white modules are defined as binary 0.
MaxiCode can encode both ASCII and extended-ASCII characters and makes a fixed-sized symbol. The nominal size of a MaxiCode symbol is 28.14mm x 26.91mm.
The 3 black concentric rings and included light area make up the unique finder pattern of MaxiCode.
A MaxiCode barcode consists of a primary message and a secondary message. Each message has its own data and error correction codewords. After encoding, primary message and secondary message are interleaved together. Every binary code can find its location in the maxicode barcode symbol precisely.

MaxiCode has 7 encoding modes:
Mode 0 and Mode 1 are obsolete and are no longer supported any more.

Mode 2 and Mode 3 are used in transport industry to encode destination address and the class of service.
Data beginning with [)>< RS>01< GS > and without are encoded in different way by MaxiCode.

Mode 4 is able to encode up to 93 characters. It uses Enhanced Error Correction for Primary Message and Standard Error Correction for Secondary Message.
Mode 5 is able to encode up to 77 characters. It uses Enhanced Error Correction for both Primary and Secondary Message.
Mode 6 is used for bar code reader programming for MaxiCode.
Please notice non-printable character are typed in using HTML method in Maxicode. For example, GS is represented by '& #29;'.

Typeface Point Size 10 Point Size 11 Point Size 12
BcsMaxicode 2.9x2.8cm 3.3x3.2cm 3.5x3.4cm

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License Single User 10-User Site Corporate Developer Unlimited Developer
Price USD129 USD199 USD499 USD599 USD699 USD1799
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